About us

Even is not an old NGO, constituted only in April 2018, Project Advisory and Management Experts Association – PAMEA has top capabilities for initiate, develop, manage and coordinate EU R&D projects and training and capacity building on EU project development and management.

PAMEA is open to cooperation with all organizations – from leading corporations and government agencies to the newest societies, NGOs and SMEs – in order to find valuable solutions for solving real needs. Through its fields of competence combined with strategic objectives, are followed the desiderates:

– effectively strengthening innovation
– expanding research, scientific and technical capabilities
– anticipating and responding more quickly to emerging industry guidelines and
– skills increment by a wide range of specialised training in different fields
– engaging youth people on labour market

In addition, in collaboration with PAMEA, involved parties can learn various practical methods of innovation, bringing their organisations new ways of thinking and know-how transfer .