PAMEA actively participates in R&D projects, mostly aiming to support the development, management and coordination (by providing guidelines and best practices based on own experience), dissemination and exploitation activities of related projects.

PAMEA supports its partners to move from an upstream idea to the implementation of a competitive and unique project, through the identification of a suitable funding source and the development of a project proposal. The combination of extensive expertise and flexibility across different technological areas enables PAMEA to provide unique skills and competences to the consortia in which participates.

In addition, PAMEA’s competences include an international presence and organisational profile, a proven track record and in depth expertise in management and dissemination processes. The identification and application of the most effective methodological approach for the dissemination and exploitation of the innovative results from R&D projects is one of our most important objectives.

Last, but not least, PAMEA offers top quality services for organising both professional performance and personal skills improvement by organising and conducting a wide range of specialised training in different fields.